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Super 8 Austin University Downtown Area

Located just over a kilometre away from the tourist attractions in Austin’s downtown area, the Super 8 Austin University Downtown Area is a khách sạn every budget traveller would love khổng lồ consider for... more

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The 8 wonders of Miyajima Island

The Island of the Gods, Miyajima is a place of immense historical và religious significance in nhật bản. trang chủ to the Itsukushima Shrine và its fantastic Torii Gate, Mount Misen & the Virgin Fore... more


8 literature-based landmarks in Dublin

Ireland’s capital is an English literature-junkie’s paradise and the whole town is littered with references to lớn some the greakiểm tra writers of the English language. It’s difficult to lớn go down a stree... more


8 places that make Darjeeling proud

From verdant tea plantations to enchanting Buddhist fortifications—these places to lớn visit in Darjeeling offer the perfect getaway. Surrounded by infinite slopes of bright green tea plantations và... more


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The 8 best restaurants in Goa

Goa"s culinary scene is brimming with eateries that offer tasty renditions of local as well as international cuisines. Head lớn these five sầu restaurants to lớn sample a few of the gastronomic experience... more


8 vegetarian restaurants khổng lồ try in Jordan

One of the ultimate highlights of visiting Jordan would undoubtedly be the food that it offers. Food may be the strongest factor that unites & bonds this multicultural country. Jordanian food i... more

8 best trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh

There are myriad landscapes in India that make for a perfect trekking experience. From north to south và east to lớn west each region has something distinctive sầu and awe-inspiring to lớn tóm tắt. The state ... more

Super 8 San Francisco/Union Square Area

Set in the happening Union Square shopping and theater district, the Super 8 San Francisco/Union Square Area is a straightforward budget hotel, which lies at a seven minutes’ walking distance fro... more

Top 8 places khổng lồ visit in Dubai

Think of a holiday getaway that combines best shopping experiences, diverse cultural milieu and exciting adventure facilities-think Dubai. Renowned as one of the elite travelling destinations in ... more





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