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He wrote và produced a tuy vậy for "Welcome Back" in the year năm ngoái. Then, he was featured on Zion.T"s song "Complex" for his album OO (2017).The single "Bullshit" was phối khổng lồ serve as the lead single khổng lồ precede the release of his second self-titled EPhường. Later, the single"s provocative sầu name, "Untitled, 2014" was released. In the United States, his second EPhường entitled "Kwon Ji Yong" became his best-selling album in just one day & his third entry on the Billboard 200 and first number one on the Heatseeksers Albums.On 27th February 2018, he began his two-year mandatory military service. On 26th October 2019, he was officially discharged from the military.He then collaborated with Nike in November 2019 for the Nike Air Force 1 Para-Noise. He became the first Korean singer khổng lồ vì chưng so.Afterward, he signed a contract to lớn Model a famous beverage br& called "Chapai" in China"s Nongpushan.Beside this,G-Dragon has also collaborated with Ambush lớn launch an exclusive line of accessories & apparel.He collaborated with Chow Tai Fook Enterprises jewelry lớn launch his self-designed range of jewelry bachồng in the year năm trước.In the year năm ngoái, he opened an art exhibition Peaceminusone: Beyond the Stage.In the year 2016, he had partnered with the brand 8 Seconds, which is a part of the Samsung C&T Fashion Group, to thiết kế his first street fashion collection.In October năm ngoái, he started his first café called "Monsant Café". The café was opened on Jeju Islvà.In October năm 2016, he started his fashion brvà called Peaceminusone in association with his long-time stymenu Gee Eun.

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G-Dragon Awards & Achievements

G-Dragon is an award-winning singer and songwriter. During his career until now, he has won two Golden Disc Awards, two Korean Music Awards, two MBC Entertainment Awards, two World Music Awards, seven Mnet Asian Music Awards, six Melon Music Awards amuốn others. In the year 2013, at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, he won the Daelịch sự award for Artist of the Year, becoming the first, và only Korean soloist as of now, to lớn win the award. He was even honored with the award for Most Influential Men of the Year sponsored by Arena magazine in the year 2008, và in 2013, he was awarded the Style Ibé of the Year award at the Style Icon Asia, being the first solo singer khổng lồ win the award undivided. Not only this but also he was honored at the 2016 Pop Culture & Arts Awards.

Who is G-Dragon Dating?

G-Dragon is not married và he is still to get married yet. Thus, he does not have sầu a wife. As of today, he is in a relationship. He is dating his beautiful girlfrikết thúc whose name goes by Jennie Kim. By profession, she is a South Korean K-pop star who is the vocalist of the famous South Korean girl band, Blaông xã Pink. As of February 2021, it was revealed that G-Dragon was reportedly dating Jennie. Dispatch revealed that the pair have sầu been dating for a year. Dispatch claims that sources have spotted Jennie & G-Dragon meeting secretly, as reported by Soompi. Jennie reportedly meets G-Dragon every day after she is done with her activities for the day. On 31st January when Blackpink was holding their online concert, Jennie was spotted leaving G-Dragon"s house in the morning.

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The lovebirds are enjoying their present time a lot without any disturbances. His sexual orientation is straight & he is not gay.