HANH PHUCInternational Medical Buildingwhich is part ofHANHPHUC International Hospital– the 1st Singapore standard hospitalin Vietnam – has started its operation from Sep, 2013.

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Located on 97 NguyenThi Đường Minh Khai St., Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minc City,HANH PHUCInternational Medical Buildingoffers more choices for customersto lớn access international health-care services in a most favorable way, making itmore convenient for patients to consult our doctors. This is consistentwithHANH PHUC International Hospitalvision ofdelivering effective sầu, differentiated và integrated care for the well-being ofour patients.

Our facilitiesare well equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment accompanied byexperienced doctors. We would lượt thích khổng lồ bring the best health care services toall people in a friendly và professional environment.

HANH PHUCInternational Medical Buildingprovides a comprehensive range ofservices specialising in Obstetrics, Gynaecology andPaediatrics.


• Children carefrom birth through 16 years old

• School healthcheck- ups

• Children’simmunization

• Children’sWeight và Nutrition management


• Pregnancytesting và care

• High riskpregnancy care

• Lactationconsultant

• Ultrasoundstudy


• Gynecologyexam

• Adolescent care

• Familyplanning

• Urodynamics

• Cervical cancerscreening

• Menstrualdisorders

• Breast care

• HPV vaccination

• Menopause care

GynaecologialOncology Consultation services

FertilityConsultation services


• Private GPconsultation

• Adultimmunisation

• General diagnostic tests


The patientwaiting area provides a large, airy & bright ambience, combining with thecomfortable seating và tasteful décor, lively colour to lớn create a pleasant andrelaxing interlude for patients & children.

HANH PHUC International Medical Buildingintroduces aflexible schedule to start at 8.00AM untill 5.00PM – Monday to Friday, andSaturday morning from 8.00AM lớn 12.00PM. As of August 1st năm trước, we officiallygo inkhổng lồ operation of our night clinic for Gynaecological Oncology consultationservice và Obstetrics outpatient service, from 5.00PM to lớn 8.00PM, this bringsthe most comfortable for who want to lớn see doctors after working hours or bookingfor family check-up on Saturday.

Doctors atHANH PHUC International HospitalandHANHPHUC International Medical Buildingwill work closely and theyare scheduled lớn work on a rotating in accordance with each department’stimetable. Therefore, patients can book an appointment with the same doctorthey would see inHANH PHUC International Hospitalorvice & versa.

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We also have sầu regular shuttle service betweenHANH PHUC InternationalMedical BuildingandHANH PHUC InternationalHospitalkhổng lồ enable our patients lớn tourHANH PHUCInternational Hospitalvà familiarise with our state-of-the-artmedical facilities & customer care.